Surface Grinding Segments

Segments are used in rotary table surface grinding applications on differently shaped components.

The Noble range of grinding segments are made in a variety of shapes and sizes giving users the flexibility to find the right solution for their grinding needs. Along with flexibility our segments also offer excellent performance through superior cutting and higher stock removal due to our special bond systems. The VS2 bond, developed in-house provides excellent cutting action and life while the open structured VSPS bond system is designed for cool cutting applications. Manufactured with a range of abrasive materials we have a surface grinding solution for just about any of your requirements. Surface grinding segments are used for flat surface grinding by assembling many segments on a special form to create a large wheel. They are used to sharpen knives or blades, produce flat stock and grind large mold surfaces. Some of the industries that commonly use segment surface grinding solutions are

  • Auto OEMs
  • Auto ancillaries
  • Tools and dies
  • Cutting tool

Standard Sizes

  • 140 * 79 * 20 mm (With Radius)
  • 150 * 80 * 25 mm (With Radius)
  • 150 * 90 * 35 mm (With Radius)
  • 152.4 * 84.14 * 38.1 mm (With Radius)

Industrial use

  • Automotive