Cylindrical Grinding Wheel

Cylindrical grinding wheels are used in O.D. plunge grinding and the O.D. grinding of gear shafts, splined shafts etc.

The Noble range of  Resinoid cylindrical grinding wheels offers predictable performance with a winning combination of fast stock removal, fine surface finish, reduced rework and reduced dressing frequency yielding a predictable result: higher productivity. These wheels are used in the grinding of valves, plunger pins, eye bolts, transmission shafts, bearing races etc. There are also many specialized uses of cylindrical grinding wheels like roll grinding, thread and gear grinding, camshaft grinding and crankshaft grinding which have been profiled separately. Some of the primary users of cylindrical grinding wheels are

  • Auto OEMs
  • Auto ancillaries
  • General Engineering

Standard Sizes

  • 250 - 500mm. and face from 150 - 300mm.

Industrial use

  • Automotive
  • Precision Grinding
  • Bearing